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Please select your listing type by clicking the underlined blue heading below.

Personal Free Listing.
A basic standard one line listing, similar to the phone book. With this
you must provide at very least a Name, phone number, and a City or area.
For example - "Red Rider, Wanganui, 027-2644-399."
You can, if you wish, also show your Street address and home phone.
EG: "Red Rider, 76 Polson St. Wanganui, 027-2644-399, 06-262-7142."
You will be asked for an Email address, but this will NOT be shown.

Organisation Listing.
This listing allows far more information to be shown. It can be either -
1. A free black and white listing without live links, or
2. a paid listing with color text and live clickable links.
Both allow contact details, website and email addresses to be shown, plus
up to 200 characters of text as a description, adverts, whatever you wish.
The free version does not have color nor live clickable links. That comes at
a cost of $5 a year and gets you a bold heading with a yellow background
a choice of text colours, and clickable live links for your website and Email
address. Selecting colors other than black will automatically charge you $5.
The colors and live links will not be enabled until the $5 annual fee is paid.

Example listings are shown HERE.

For more information, click 'How it Works' and also 'Rules and Conditions.'